Most Wicked Fidget Spinners Collection

Hardcore Fidget Spinners Review

If you love your hobby you will go a long way to bet and be the best. This is one of the most amazing and best finger fidget spinners collections you’ve seen: Enjoy.

These are some very unique spinners, some hand crafted to perfection. This little travel box has probably over a $1000 in the value of the spinners inside. It takes a while to craft a special spinner even though the essential construction is simple. There must be a lot of precision involved in making a spinner that works perfectly. [read more=Read.More less=Read.Less]

Some exotic metals used for fidget spinners have to be handled in specific ways during the crafting and finishing. When a spinner is created the bearing must be bang on in the middle and a right type of bearing has to be used to get long frictionless spins. That’s why prices of some artsy pieces can go up to hundreds of dollars. Is it worth it? You decide, if you want the best you have to pay for it.

Different spinners react with a user in a different ways. They have a different feel to them and will react differently while performing fidget spinner tricks. You will choose between them depending on the type of tricks you want to perform or simply according to the mood you’re currently in.

Fidget Spinner Design

If your collection is as amazing as the one in video above you ¬†might want to invest into protective box. More expensive spinners can be made from brass, aircraft aluminium, titanium, or other exotic materials that’s why it is best to keep the separate and protect them from the elements. It is also good idea if you have any replacement parts and accessories.

It is worth to find unique pieces and designs for your fidget spinner collection but not all of the pretty ones are good enough for tricks, so if you can get the feel first before you buy. [/read]