What’s inside a Fidget Cube? – An Age Old Burning Question

Fidget Cube – What’s Inside It?

Those of us wit ha little bit of an inquisitive mind want to know what’s inside of the things we use every day. So, what can you find inside a Fidget Cube ? Surely you did not expect any high tec micro devices hiding within. The price of a fidget cube is way to cheap to include electronics and advanced technology. [read more=Read.More less=Read.Less]

There are much simpler mechanical solutions involved here, simple but effective. There are six sides to any fidget cube and some of the may come in different configurations. But on a standard fidget cube you’ll find the same set of buttons and switches across different brands.

This is the usual setup:

Side 1 Click – Popping buttons, three for loud popping, two for quiet or secret popping.
Side 2 Flip – Wall rocker switch – similar to the ones you use for turning on the lights with two positions on and off.
Side 3 Roll – Clickable rolling ball, usually a metal bearing ball. Also in this side you’ll find three tactile gears, to turn back and forth, similar to locker lock.
Side 4 Breathe – Indent or groove – simple depression of the surface designed for rubbing finger back and forth
Side 5 Glide – Joystick – resembling the ones you find on game controllers, smooth rocking in any direction.
Side 6 Spin – A 360 degrees spinning circle, a rotating dial.

What’s inside a Fidget Cube?

Fidget cube is small enough to fit in your pocket to be taken anywhere and played with any time. There are no technical marvels hiding inside, just simple mechanical everyday technology  put together into a small cube for entertainment or stress relief.

It’s up to you to push the right buttons. Use any combination you want on any side. Get one for yourself and have fun! [/read]