Ultimate Showdown 26 Fidget Spinners Spinning At The Same Time

Ultimate 26 Fidget Spinners Showdown

What a collection!!! This is one hard core Fidget Spinner Collector. and what is the best way to compare them? Yes, spin them together at the same time to see which one will last longest. Just look at this:

How Many Fidget Spinners Do You Have??

Have you compared your spinner in this way yet, which one is best? Well, can be a bit tricky to spin them at the same time. When you have 26 fidget spinners spinning on a table they will make a lot of noise. Spinning bearings will transfer any friction through the bearing cap onto the table surface and the noise will resonate. You can of course make your fidget spinner bearings spin smoother simply by cleaning them and applying some speed cream or other bearing lubricant. [read more=Read.More less=Read.Less]

The spinners you see in the video are probably most popular type of spinners available now through many online shops. Most of them are made in China and the quality of components will vary between each unit. Luckily most of the spinners have removable bearings which are standard skateboard 608 type. You can simply remove the old one and install abetter version like hybrid ceramic ones or high quality stainless steel bearings. If your spinner is spinning worse then it did after you’ve bought it then probably it has accumulated some dust inside, you can just blow the dust out using air pressure can.

Fidget Spinner Review

The winner of the Ultimate Fidget Spinner Showdown was a metal made hand spinner. Metal spinners have more mass which should keep them spinning for longer comparing to plastic ones, but that’s not always the case. There are many other factors like friction inside the bearing meaning how rolling much resistance the ball inside encounters. Try this spinner challenge with your friends and see which one spins longest, also measure the time before and after cleaning to see how much difference it will make. [/read]