Typhoon Spinner Fidget Toy – New Type of Spinner???

Typhoon Spinner Fidget Toy by SpinToyCo

Are they reinventing the Spinner??? Many companies try their own take on Hand Spinners. You will find some ridiculous designs and other simply amazing. Those high end models come with a heavy price tag but you don’t have to spend top dollars to have something unique that other people don’t have. When you look at Typhoon Spinner you don’t really know what it is at first sight. Check it out, it’s super cool.

New Fidget Spinner In Town

Different spinners require different skills. Obviously you don’t just spin them between two fingers – you have to learn to do the spinner tricks. Be the cool dude that knows how to impress! Spend some time on practising and amaze the world. It is not that difficult to master. [read more=Read.More less=Read.Less]

Typhon Fidget Spinner is slightly different however. You cannot hold it between two fingers. Instead the bearing is encased in a knob-like thing which you use to hold it by. It has a very nice and simple design, not too many bells and whistles here. It is definitely very original and compact enough to fit in every pocket.

Two arms hold the counter weight, so you hold it by the knob in the middle with two fingers and spin it any other fingers you have left. You can also do the opposite – hold the spinner by it’s arms and spin the button in the middle. This is something other spinners can’t do.

Helicopter Blades Effect

People who tried it were surprised at first but loved it after a while. It’s got some stealthy looks and while it spins it looks like a helicopter blades, which in itself is a really cool effect. You just cannot do this with other spinners where the bearing goes through the middle of the body. [/read]