Step by Step Fidget Spinner Magic Tricks

Easy Fidget Spinner Magic Tricks

When everybody around you already knows all good fidget spinner tricks why not surprise and amuse them with some hand spinner magic tricks? These ones are easy to master, don’t require expensive props and can be learned in a short amount of time. Kids love them and they are the best audience for any magic tricks.

EvanEra presents 6 Fidget Spinner Magic Tricks!

Fidget Spinner Pen trick – it is one of the easiest tricks which can use any pen. The key is to spin the spinner to make the gyroscopic momentum work, and as long as it spins around at speed that long the pen will stay upright. It won’t fall over even if you try. [read more=Read.More less=Read.Less]

Simple Card Swap – this trick make it look as though the spinner twisted the image on the card. Be careful how you turn your cards over so you don’t reveal your trick.

Flying Spinner Trick – this one requires a very thin nylon thread wit one end going above your head and the other one gets attached to the spinner.

Mind Controlled Spinner – a large magnet hidden under the table will stop rotating spinner when it gets closer. The stronger the magnet the better it will work.

Spinner Stacking Trick -not really a magic trick but a fun one nevertheless, just try to place rotating spinners one on top of another and see how high you can go.

Gravity Defying Spinner Trick – very easily to do using a piece of double sided sticky tape. Just Place it on the top locking cap in the center and stick it to your finger then while it’s spinning, just remove your bottom finger.

There you go, a few simple magic tricks to make people think. The fun of magic is not knowing how it’s done, so don’t reveal how you’ve done this. [/read]