Stacking Fidget Spinners World Record Attempt

World Record Attempt Fidget Spinners Stacking

There have been many silly world records in time, and people will come up with more and more just for fun. You can surely expect more Fidget Spinner World Records in near future:, longest spins, fastest spins, biggest spinners, most crazy stunts, you name it… Here is an attempt for one of them:

Fidget Spinners Stack Tower

Looks like another crazy idea to stack all your fidget spinners one on top of another. That’s exactly the point to make them balance without tumbling down. But the real trick is to make them spin after they’ve been stacked. Not easy by any means. It is even more difficult if your fidget spinners come in different shapes and sizes. Some of them just don’t want to be on top of each other. [read more=Read.More less=Read.Less]

It takes some balancing skills and a lot of patience to make it work. Try it with all your friends’ spinners and see how high you will get. Sometimes stacking just two spinners is tricky enough, not to mention spinning them afterwards.

Stacking Fidget Spinners

Make sure you document your world record attempts to share them with the world. Even if you don’t succeed it is still worth to showing off. Never be discouraged by criticism, don’t make it stop you from trying again. This applies to your whole life not just to Fidget Spinner World Records.

Like with everything else, just keep trying if you want to win. Come up with your own challenges to inspire others, just like this boy in the video did. The key in this challenge is to get the balance right and place them in a way they don’t move around. Glueing is not acceptable for obvious reasons, no cheating please. For starters just use a few and then try to go higher each time. Have Fun! [/read]