Spinner Box – 25 Recent Fidget Spinner Showdown

25 Fidget Spinners You Can Buy Now

If you disregard a pair of incredibly annoying kids in this video you will actually get the latest lineup of most popular and widely available Fidget Spinners you can buy now. There is 25 very popular models shown and if you listen carefully, the kids make some interesting observations, which could affect your buying decision. This is a very good comparison and a nice lineup – have a look:

First one out of the box is the three arm wooden fidget spinner with plastic caps, quite large but with a smooth action. Next one is a plastic six balls design, three on each side of the spinner. Rainbow metal spinner is next,certainly impressive in kids’ opinion. Quick finger balance test checks for playability, and surely not all pass the test. Kids like next few metal spinners, nice feel, good balance and smooth action. [read more=Read.More less=Read.Less]

Batman fidget spinner had sharp edges – bad design or a poor finish workmanship, either way it’s not a good idea. Five spoke wheel design received a nice reaction, it had no arms so no sharp edges here, brass on the outside plastic in the middle, smooth spin. Money spinner was a surprise – two UK pennies on each of three arms, unusual idea in copper color. Next one was a knock off of an original Peppyakka Fidget Spinner.

Komvox spinner looked interesting, combining metal balls, alloy three arms design and a blue body with red bearing caps, nice! There was a Magicfly spinner with six arms with colored rubber bands. Kids were impressed with a pair of really thick spinners, one of them could not be used on the table, the other had a flashy gold design with fake gems. Last of the more interesting ones had a knight shield design with weathered brass looks. Overall the kids favorite ones were the money spinner and the thick purple holed design, lowest score was given to cheap plastic and wooden spinners.  [/read]