SpaceAge Metal Spinners Made by Custom Knife Factory

Aerospace Materials in Pepyakka Hand Spinners

Forget your $1 toy spinner, this is the real deal! True hard core, no jokes. Those things may look like toys but the way they have been designed and manufactured elevates them well above anything on the market. Yes, you will find more expensive spinners on the marked, like those diamond encrusted ones, but Pepyakka Spinners are the real deal.

Pepyakka Spinners Made by Custom Knife Factory

The designer of these elegant high end spinners is Anton Malyshev, also responsible for many beautiful knives designs. To make it clear – special materials used during making of these spinners require special machinery. This is not a garage mass production effort. Each production run is numbered and only about 3000 are made for each design. Once the’re gone, they’re gone!

This is a 1.0 edition, see the next pages for Pepyakka Spinner 2.0 and following versions.