Slow Motion and POV Beginner Fidget Spinner Tricks

Beginner Fidget Spinner Tricks in Slow Motion

This video show you beginner fidget spinner tricks from various points of view. It also explains in details what you can do with your body to help the trick work. Have a look at Mathias Moslund:

Another great thing is that tricks are shown in slow motion, this gives you a chance to see how the spinner behaves and which way it moves. You will also notice the distances necessary to make the trick work. Although it looks easy in hands of a skilled person it may be tricky for a fresh starter. Don’t get discouraged, some skills will take time to master. It is well worth it. [read more=Read.More less=Read.Less]

Fidget Spinner Hand-Eye Coordination

Hand-eye coordination is the basis of any trick. To keep the spinner in motion you have to catch it in specific point in order to keep the balance. Here are the tricks in order of difficulty:

Hand Transfer – pass the moving spinner between your hands back and forts, catching it between two fingers of each hand. Move your body, not just your hands, especially bending knees up and down will make a difference.
Finger Transfer – make the spinner jump from finger to finger while spinning, the faster you spin it initially the better it will hold it’s balance. You might also try to remove the bearing holders if that helps.
Hand Twist – keep fidget spinner spinning on one finger while moving your hand underneath your arm. The key is to place the spinner on the right part of the tip of your finger.
Behind The Back Throw – tricky part here is to catch it in the right place with two fingers of the same hand, again bend your knees and flex your body as necessary.
Spinner Swap – use two fidget spinners at the same time, do a simultaneous hand transfer trick between both hands.

Here’s some more fidget spinner tricks and skills. Enjoy! [/read]