Shape Shifting Magicfly Rainbow Fidget Spinner

Rainbow Fidget Spinner by Magicfly

There is a lot to chose from in the world of fidget spinners. Some are more interesting than others, some are plain looking but working very well. Until you get the spinner and hold it in your hand, you will not know how it feels and how it works. But on some occasions you will actually be surprised like with this Magicfly Fidget Spinner:

There are already knock off versions of this piece available, but there are subtle differences that make it better to get the original. First is the quality of finish, bright rainbow colors flickering in light and looking very good from every angle. This finish is also applied to bearing caps to make it look uniform. An unusual solution is the use of a non standard bearing, instead of regular 608 a smaller one had been used which is actually and improvement in how smoothly it spins. Smaller balls in the spinner bearing make less noise and less friction which also allows for good spinning time even though Magicfly is a heavy spinner. [read more=Read.More less=Read.Less]

Another visual effect besides the finish is the characteristic cut out pattern on its oval shape. It looks like some sort of stargate portal opening device. But probably the most unusual thing about this particular hand spinner is the visual pattern it creates as it spins. It seems to be changing shape depending on how fast it spins, it can be distorted oval, butterfly, fishtail or a heart.  The cuts in its body make it look semi transparent.

This optical illusion is amazing. There are many rainbow spinners to chose from but not many seem to behave in this way. Magicfly spinner is unique in that respect. At about $25 it is not expensive for an alloy item but well worth the price you pay for it. [/read]