PlayStation Fidget Spinner vs Humming Bird

PlayStation Fidget Spinner Attracts a Humming Bird

It would be awesome if you could use your fidget spinner to control your game console, wouldn’t it. So far we don’t have this option but the technology is certainly there to make it. Fidget spinner game controller could look like this PlayStation Fidget Spinner, so you could spin and play at the same time:

The one in the video is an attractive black four arm design with familiar PlayStation controller button signs: square, triangle, the x, and a circle. Those signs seem to come to live as you spin it, looking as if they are changing. It certainly attracted some interest from a local humming bird. Probably more the noise than the actual design, but still this curious tiny bird was puzzled for a second. [read more=Read.More less=Read.Less]

Although the bearing in this spinner seems indeed loud and rattling it does spin fast and long. The design allows for easy spin using one hand hold and just pushing it with a finger. Bright colors of the signs look good on against the black body of the spinner. The bearing caps are black as well, matching the body. The design is the same on both sides of the spinner.

It weights only 68 grams and is made out brass metal with aluminium caps. The bearing is the R188 Acer Racing Ceramic Nitride Pro Series with 10 balls. The diameter is a comfortable 2.5″ which means it can be comfortably held even by a smaller hand. It is also available in few other editions like the gold looking raw brass version, with non painted symbols, or in other colors like blue or white. Each one is effective in its own right and would be a treat to any PlayStation fanatic. As this is not an official Sony product and it is not licensed, it cannot be listed for sale as Playstation Hand Spinner, so search for ‘symbol fidget spinner’ and see what comes up. [/read]