Momentum 360 Fidget Gadget

Momentum 360 Centrifugal Hand Spinner

The secret of spinning a fidget spinner is the bearing in the center of the gadget. But what if you put the ball bearing away from the center? YOu will get the centrifugal spinner like the Momentum 360 below:

Two spinning bearings on each side of the oval spinner make it spin smoothly in your hand. The size of the toy has to be small enough for it to work between your thumb and your index finger. This also makes Momentum 360 very portable , it is slim so it fits in every pocket.

You can easily control the speed or alternatively you can hold the spinner stationary and just spin the caps covering the bearings. Additionally you get three bearing balls on the side to glide your fingers over them. Momentum 360 is made out of high quality aluminium and comes in various colors. Some classic ones are black, gold, silver, pewter, blue and red. Bearings themselves are ceramic, meaning they will last for ages and spin smoothly.

This toy is not just for play but also is helpful to relax the wrist after doing some lengthy work like typing for a long time. Moving it between the fingers is easy. Tired of holding something in your hand? Simply place the Momentum 360 on the table top and spin it moving back and forth. You can also get a stylish case for it.