Metal Rainbow Fidget Spinners – Choose Your Favorite

Rainbow Fidget Spinners Review

This visually amazing coating on those Metal Rainbow Fidget Spinners creates incredible special effect. No wonder that rainbow spinners are among most popular choices, but as they are made out of metal, they may be a bit uncomfortable to pocket or too heavy to spin – See For Yourself:

Designs vary and you will find different ideas of spinners, from simple two arms proposition with well known shape to very detailed looking spinners with multiple arms. Most popular option is the tri-spinner, but those metal ones do not look much like their plastic counter parts. These ones do not feature additional bearings on each of the arms. In fact only few of these rainbow hand spinners are modular. [read more=Read.More less=Read.Less]

Modular design allows for removal of some parts of the spinner and if possible replacing them with differently shaped parts to make it look different or perform better. In case of metal spinners this means removing or adding weight which will affect the way they spin. In case of iSpin fidget spinners, six arms can be downgraded to three and vice versa.

Weight is only one of the factors important for spinnig, the other one is of course the quality of bearing inside. Hybrid ceramic or steel bearings used in this case come in different shapes and sizes, this means their performance will vary. Smooth spin is important but may not necessarily last long. The best way to find out which one spins best is of course side by side fidget spinner comparison. Until now your guess is as good as anybody else’s, looks do not guarantee performance.

Luckily we can see in this video which one is the longest spinning fidget spinner with the time well exceeding five minutes. Anything above three minutes is really great for a typical spinner but five is just great, so choose your favorite rainbow hand spinner and have fun! Rainbow Metal Fidget Hand Spinners- Which One Do You Like Best? ILuvTrading [/read]