Make Your Own RAINBOW Fidget Spinner

How To Make Your Own Cheap Rainbow Fidget Spinner

Fidget Spinners are the latest craze now, and everybody loves cheap funny toys. Well, basic spinners are dirt cheap, but the great thing is that their design is so simple, that anyone can create their own totally unique version. Any type of hard and flat material will do, you don’t even need bearings for that. Part of the fun in making a DIY Fidget Spinner is to make it as original as possible.

DIY Rainbow Spinner

The choice of material is endless, anything will do, even old pencils. In this case it is just the material for the job. Why? Just for the sake of it! It will probably cost more to make than buy one at the store, but the point is to have something custom made and unique. It is important to measure everything accurately to make sure the weight is distributed equally on each side. [read more=Read.More less=Read.Less]

Just glue together a few colourful pencils, make sure the glue stiffens before the hole is made. Super glue will do for a quick job, but may not work for the bearing as it does not stick metal to wood too well. Pencils are heavy enough to keep the momentum of the spin, but if you need it to spin longer, add some weight to ends of your DYI Spinner. Coins glued to both sides will do the job.

DIY Fidget Spinner

Make sure the drilled hole is in the middle otherwise it will wobble too much. Bearing will ensure long spinning time, but it has to be secured in place so it won’t come out as it will affect the balance. It is best to round the edges to make it more aerodynamic. Air resist the fidget spinner’s rotation, so making it smooth will make it spin longer.

Have fun with making it, you can do it any way you want, then show it to everyone. It is worth making your own fidget spinner for a few reasons, you will learn how it’s done, also how how the spinning physics work. Most importantly just make it for your own satisfaction. [/read]