Look At These Latest Fidget Toys

New Fidget Toys – Have You Seen Them Yet?

Fidget Hand Spinners appeared out of nowhere and suddenly every kid wants to have something like this in their pocket. But after a while playing wit hthe same toy can get pretty boring. But not for long because ther are other fidget gadgets which you probably haven’t even seen yet. Take a look:

Think Ink Pen

Crazy as it looks it is a pretty mean gadget with cool functionality included. It can be played with and modded as well. Flexible virtually non destructive body, magnetic attachments, steel balls to fidget and bendy bits to attach Think Ink Pen to various things. Flex, spin, slide, twist and so on. [read more=Read.More less=Read.Less]

FlickDeck Hand Spinner

This very handy spinner with quality ball bearings can be used as a bottle opener. That’s on top of other fidget spinner tricks and skills you can normally do with it. Small enough to fit in small pockets and a hole in its body can be used to attach it where you want it.

Spinerds Stress Reliever

Magnetic balls that can spin forever on smooth surfaces like glasstop tables, or a dedicated tray. Stressed? Just give them a spin, relax and unwind, simple. Two coloured stainless steel balls welded together can be used on app controlled Spinerds Smart Spinbase. Change the led light colour using your smartphone according to your mood and watch amazing reflections.

P6 Spinner

P6 Spinner is a new twist of a popular hand spinner, which uses heavy large bearing balls as a weight for gaining spin momentum. At the core it uses famous Bones Redz 608ZZ bearing.


Sphidget is another, more advanced version of fidget spinner. It is quite heavy as it uses metals all over, but it can spin for 3 minutes and comes with handy spinner base. Just put this base on the table and insert the spinner for a mini Ferris wheel toy. It looks very unique! [/read]