INSPIRATIONAL Pro Fidgeter Spinning Tricks – LOL

How To Come Up With Your Own Fidget Spinner Tricks

OMG – here’s a bit silly fidget spinner tricks video. Warning: it is a bit sarcastic so don’t get it too seriously. Still it should be an inspiration for you to use your imagination and come up with your own tricks.

Your Tricks Your Way

Fidget Spinning is not a sport (yet) and there is no convention saying how you make specific tricks. Just do it your way, and the more original the better. You can also make your own twist at existing tricks like spinning on your nose or any other part of your body that nobody else have used before. Or just perfect the spinner skills you already have. Sometimes even easy looking thing can be quite tricky to achieve and will take time and patience to perfect. [read more=Read.More less=Read.Less]

Fidget Spinner Darts Bullseye

I love the one trick with throwing darts through spinning fidget spinner. Absolutely brilliant! Try to master that! LOL. Fidget Spinner Darts is one of those crazy ideas that may potentially bring any social meeting to live. It may also damage your fidget spinner so it might be a good idea to have a spare few. Or just use your friends’ ones, that will save you a few $$$.

Fidget Spinner Tricks With a Professional Fidgeter

Yes, fidgeting can be a profession if you get paid for it like GeekBite (from adverts on his youtube videos).  You can do the same, come up with a cool trick and share it with the world via online video platform.

Fidget Spinner Skateboard Wheels

If you want to try this one, you might need a helmet. Although fidget spinner bearings are usually the same as the ones you have in your skateboard, skateboard spinner tricks have a small chance of success for obvious reasons. [/read]