Hardwood Pyramid Fidget Toy

Pyramid Fidget Toy

It looks like a cut down version of a Fidget Cube where instead of six sides you have only four. It still does the job and if you do it yourself like in this video, you can choose exactly what goes on each side of your Pyramid Fidget Toy. Look at this:

Fidget Tetrahedron Toy

Don’t be scared, tetrahedron is just a fancy name of a pyramid based on triangle, this makes it four sided. Four sides will obviously limit the number of fidgets attached, but if you are not to fussy it may be just be enough. Enough to attach four of your favorite ones. In this case one side has a bearing which allows it to be spun – interestingly something you won’t find on a fidget cube. [read more=Read.More less=Read.Less]

Pyramid Fidget Toy (bog oak and aluminum tetrahedron). Some fancy wood had been used in this toy, it is a 2000 year old bog oak. This age and bod origins gives the wood special dark brown appearance. You have noticed the use of high end machinery in the manufacturing of this thing. Massive and expensive robotic arm precisely cuts out the shape of the toy after it’s been programmed in 3D automation program. It seems like an overkill to produce something so simple with this equipment, but if you have the resources – why not?

Light silvery aluminum details contrast with the wood, making the design a combination of contemporary with traditional mix. It is slightly to o cumbersome to keep in the pocket but will make a lovely decoration piece or a useful paperweight on any desk, just to keep it handy when need of fidgeting arises. Uniqueness of this piece sets it apart from other thing you would normally buy in the shop. If you want something original then this is the way to go – design your own and make it the way you want. [/read]