Hand Spinners Fidget Toys Explained

What To Do With a Hand Spinner or Fidget Spinner

For some people Hand Spinners are something new and not everyone knows what to do with them. Watch this video to see various types and uses of hand spinners:

What would  you use them for? If you have uneasy hands or fidgety fingers or need something to occupy your hands, these are perfect. You can also look at fidget cubes. Essentially these fidget toys can be put into your pocket and played with in may places. The ones with silent bearings will not attract attention. [read more=Read.More less=Read.Less]

As you see they come in many shapes and sizes and are made from various materials, from plastic to metal. The design is basically the same. there is a bearing precisely in the middle of the spinner. Good bearing will make it spin for a long time like two minutes or more. Ceramic bearings are more resistant to friction heat so potentially will last longer.

The prices vary based on design and materials used. You can buy the cheap ones from China but you risk with the quality. For some hobbyists the price is not important. Take a look at this fidget spinners collection. Some of the beautifully crafted pieces here go way above $100 mark. If you are a beginner however we’d recommend learning some fidget spinner tricks before you buy something truly expensive.

Best Hand Spinners

Easily the best ones are the ones that actually work. You have to get your preference and try a few before you get the idea. Light ones will spin fast but the heavy ones might be better for tossing tricks. Slim design is more portable as it can fit into the pocket but you may get a better feel and overall balance from a thicker one. Just buy and try. Choices are endless – have fun! [/read]