Fidget Spinners Plus Strong Magnets

Just Add Magnets To Your Fidget Spinners

Looking to have some more fun with your fidget spinners? After you’ve learned some cool hand spinner tricks you might want to test some new ideas. Why not try strong magnets with fidget spinners and put them into various combinations.

Why do you need strong magnets like the very strong neodymium magnets? First of all they are small comparing to standard ones and can be easily attached to various metal parts of the fidget spinner. If your spinner’s body is plastic you may still attach them to bearing rings. Look at the video to see how the fidget interact with magnets in different combinations. [read more=Read.More less=Read.Less]

Fidget Spinner Science

This can turn into a little magnetic science experiments. You can try and guess what happens between the spinners with various magnets configurations. Test your magnetic fields knowledge or learn new stuff based on your experiments. Even small magnets can make the spinner move, but if you combine magnets for more power then things will get interesting.

You can buy strong magnets online or remove them from magnetic toys or fridge magnets. Any stackable ones will let you add more for bigger effects. But first you obviously need hand spinners, the more the better. As you uve seen in the video the magnets are strong enough to use them to create small construction out of spinners. The trick is to balance them perfectly to so they spin freely. You can come up with your own ideas or simply recreate the ones from the video.

If you have a full metal spinner the effects may be different, it also depends on the type of metal used in the spinner’s body. Some of them are non magnetic, but in almost every case the bearing rings are, these are your places to stick magnets.