Fidget Spinner vs Puppy Test – Cutest Fidget Spinner Video Ever

Fidget Spinner and Puppies Compatibility Test

If you have an animal at home you might introduce it to a fidget spinner and see what happens. But please don’t try it with fish they may not do as well as this cute puppy did. He seems to be very intrigued and curious by this colorful spinning thingy. Just LOOK and say AWWW!!!

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Puppies are curious and playful creatures and will readily respond to any type of stimuli like in this case. Fidget Spinner moves, makes a funny noise and it’s owner seems to like it and play wit it too. This fast spinning can pinch the nose of a curious puppy, and they have very sensitive noses. If you have a dog see how it reacts to the spinner, what happens. Some animals may not be bothered at all, but others will react in funny ways. [read more=Read.More less=Read.Less]

Whatever you do just don’t stress the animal, some may be afraid or try to eat the fidget spinner which may in turn create an expensive veterinary bill. Contrary to what some silly people say most of the fidget spinners are not edible!  We do expect someone to come up with commercially available edible fidget spinners soon, but it may take a while before puppy edition is available for sale. For now just keep the spinner out of your dog’s mouth.

Someone in the comments suggested it is a Cutest Fidget Spinner Video Ever. It is hard not to agree if you like puppies and spinners. However some animals can get a bit confused. If you have a smart animal you can tech it some fidget spinner skills.[/read]

Here’s another video. This dog does’t like the fidget spinner but it reacts in a really funny way: