Fidget Spinner PRO Tricks Using LEGS

Fidget Spinner Leg Tricks and Skills

Amazing New Fidget Spinner Tricks!!! Look at those amazing skills involving legs. You can kick your spinner with your feet or bounce it up with your knee while it is spinning.  These guys are pros. They really have mastered their tricks, oh, and the speed and confidence – Just LOOK:

Fidget Spinner Kick Tricks

Logan and Landon use incredible precision and this sets them above the rest. They don’t just do one trick at a time, they combine various difficult tricks into combos in quick succession, which is not easy. It takes a long time to get it right and learn to do tricks this fast. They use standard generic type of spinner body but it seems to be spinning at high speed which is the key to keep the spinner balanced on your hand as well as in the air.

Some of theses fidget spinner tricks you probably know already like finger swap, hand balance, air hand swap, these are too bad to learn. But others like the behind back throw, those take some good hand eye coordination and a flexible body too. New leg involving tricks include under knee throw, knee spinner bounce, side foot spinner kick, top of the foot kick. Very impressive indeed.

One of my favorite tricks is the landing a fidget spinner on extended finger pointing upwards and keeping it there while it spins, try that. Another effective and difficult one is catching a spinner with a hand behind your back. Also notice the cool way to spin the spinner in the middle of a trick by slapping it with your hand while it is in vertical position, wow. Great tip: just notice one thing – whatever these guys do, they use their whole body to do the trick, not just arms or hands, there is whole body involved into landing a perfect and precise catch.