Fidget Spinner Phone You Can Actually Use!

Fidget Spinner Phone

Yes, you read it right  – an actual phone that you can use to make phone calls. Just load it up with a sim card, charge it and talk! Simple as that. And once you finished talking you can spin it as long as you want!

There is no limit to human ingenuity. This fully functional Fidget Spinner Phone is a good example. This is a brilliant idea to use your phone as a fidget spinner. It is not exactly a smartphone with touch screen, but this is one phone you can actualy fit in your pocket without a problem.

It spins like a proper fidget spinner, it is balanced to spin as it should.  Just be careful when you perform those tricks,  as it may not handle contact with the hard ground too good. It has a ball bearing in the middle and on one side there is 1.4 inch screen and a small numeric keyboard on the other (like old phones used to have). [read more=Read.More less=Read.Less]

You can charge a small battery via microUSB through a slot on the bottom with the help of supplied cable. Probably the most surprising feature is the microSD expansion slot that allows you to store tons music and some other files. So it doubles as a fidget spinner mp3 player. Just connect it to your PC or laptop to transfer the files. Also the speaker is audible and loud enough to deliver clear music for more fun while spinning.

Fidget Spinner Phones come in many colors but at the moment there are not many shapes or sizes to chose from. Obviously it is just a gadget but some companies may expand their offer and introduce different versions of this thing. Who knows maybe soon we will see a Fidget Spinner Smartphone with a proper touch screen. You never know, so stay tuned. [/read]