Fidget Spinner Bearings – Choose the Best

Choosing Best Fidget Spinner Bearings

Bearing is the Heart of a Fidget Spinner. It makes it spin long, fast, quiet or in worse cases it prevents it from spinning altogether. How is it that a few small balls stuck between two metal rings can be spoil the fun or make it more exciting? It all depends on the quality of the bearing and the type of materials being used. Luckily you can replace bearings in your Fidget Spinner:

The Best Bearings For Fidget Spinners

Fidget Spinner Steel Bearings

In this little video from Spinnercraft you will find out about There are many types of bearings to choose from. Most common difference is the type of material used for balls. You can choose between steel, stainless steel, ceramic. Cheap Fidget Spinners come with regular 608 bearings used in skateboards. Unfortunately these are usually slowest types as they are built to spin under the heavy load. The other disadvantage is that the balls inside are made of steel which will rust after a while and prevent it from smooth spinning. You may try to dry them but the casing may still keep some water inside. [read more=Read.More less=Read.Less]

Fidget Spinner Ceramic Bearings

You may go for the ceramic bearing option, ceramic balls will never rust, but if the rings holding the balls are made of steel, then this may cause the problem. Stainless steel rings however should never rust in theory, but that depends on steel specification.

R188 Fidget Spinner Bearing

Probably the best option on a budget would be the R188 bearing, this one may give you extremely long spinning times. Some spinners will go for 5 minutes or more. It is much smaller than regular 608 bearing, so it must be encased between additional rings to fit into regular fidget spinner. R188 fidget spinner bearings come in various options as well, but a good manufacturer will state exactly what type of bearing had been used.

How to Recognise Ceramic Fidget Spinner Bearing

Steel balls in bearings have mirror like chrome silver colour. Ceramic bearings balls come mostly in black or shiny white. you can remove the casing to check which one you have but it is best to put it back on to prevent dust and other stuff from getting in. [/read]