Customize Your Fidget Spinners Fast And Easy

Easy Ways to Customize Your Fidget Spinner

If you don’t want to spend top dollars on expensive fidget spinner or if simply can’t afford it, there are a few easy and quick ways to make your spinner unique. Many times you’ll fin that you already have all you need to customize your fidget spinner. This video will INSPIRE you:


Spray Paint Patterns – probably the easiest way to make it different is just throw a few drops of your choice of spray paint colour onto your widget. This will make various size droplet pattern and the spray pint will stay on for a long time.

Custom caps over bearings – custom cover for  fidget spinner bearings will make it look better you don’t want to come up with your own design, just order some online. [read more=Read.More less=Read.Less]

Laser Fidget Spinner – now this thing is highly impressive at night. It is made out of two lasers firmly attached to a bearing  and balanced to spin freely. The light effect is incredible and if you can find lasers in different colours it will be even more awesome.

Dip Spray Paint Method – This is different from regular spray painting as the paint is floating on the surface of the water. It allows you to make interesting patterns using various colors of spray paint. Once yo establish the design you want, simply dip the body of your fidget spinner in a way that the paint attaches to it on both sides. Dry it out and have fun.

Glow In The Dark Fidget Spinner –  for this you’ll need LED wheel valve covers, cheap and available in many places, the smaller the better. Now use the glue to attach one to each end of your spinner. Make sure they are glued symmetrically so the balance is not affected and the spinner does not wobble. These valve covers will light up when spun, or sometimes they need to be tapped to work, depending on a model. [/read]