Crazy Fast DIY Fidget Spinner Toy

Super Fast Fidget Finger Spinner Toy

Even fastest fidget spinners have their limitations. How fast can you spin them with your fingers? Not too fast, but what if you used some help with a custom built spinner.

Plastic fidget spinners may not gain enough momentum to get to highest speeds. Also there’s only so much force you can generate with your fingers to spin it. In this video you will see a custom build from start to finish. Normal toys would not be able to pass this test and would fall apart, so a custom made one has to be made for this experiment. Luckily the principles are simple. [read more=Read.More less=Read.Less]

A round piece of metal is cut and then carefully processed and drilled using lathes and drills. This construction is pretty basic but placement of the centre bearing must be precise enough to allow for vibration free rolling. Holes near to the edge are created to help speed up the fidget to highest possible rpm’s using highly compressed air. Due to the weight it takes a while to spin to top rpm’s.

AS Giaco Whatever demonstrates in this video it is possible to achieve high speeds with finger spinners but it can be tricky. You’d need a special bearing which must be good enough to withstand the speeds and rolling friction. Any normal bearing could break as heat generated by friction will affect the balls  inside.

Fastest Fidget Spinner?

In the video the momentum generated by the mass of the spinner just keeps it spinning forever. It is a heavy toy, well actually not a toy, more like an experimental prototype. At high speeds the sparks are flying when spinner touches any hard surface, like a metal table. So much energy is transferred by the momentum.

In the end the finger spinner goes over 100000 rotations per minute, which is just ridiculously fast. [/read]