Celerity Spinner From Bombproof Gear

Celerity Fidget Spinner by Bombproof Gear

WOW, this one really does look Bombproof! It surely stands out from a crowd of other spinners. Spiky eight wavy tips, not sharp – you would not want to cut yourself while spinning this thing or stopping. It looks impressive, sort of like a special cog or gear type of thing, so let’s have a closer look:

Custom Metal Fidget Spinners are becoming more popular for many reasons. They are much more durable obviously, have more weight to keep the spinning momentum going. The look more like custom made hand spinners, so they appear to be more valuable, but probably the most important thing is that they have a totally different feel to them, more hard core. [read more=Read.More less=Read.Less]

Celerity Spinner in this video is made of solid grade 2 titanium, a light and durable material. You can also buy it in brass or bronze, both of these are a shade of gold with either more yellow or more rose tint. All look awesome but there is a difference in the weight, with titanium being the lightest. Any metal spinner have to be processed by machining to achieve the right finish and desired dimensions, therefore those tend to be much more expensive than moulded plastic ones.

You can use any locking caps you want as the bearing is a standard 608 ceramic hybrid bearing. It is a quality one as the operation is smooth but still can be bettered with some lube cream. Spinning the celerity spinner is easy in both directions although you may prefer one to the other as the waves may get in a way. It certainly looks interesting while using your fidget spinner skills to do the tricks. And finally, it comes in a special black metal case which suits this work of art. The wavy machined lines around the center look great and will give off interesting light reflections. Price for titanium is $149 and other metals $99, which is reasonable in this spinner class. SpeedyTech Solutions [/read]