Can This Fidget Toy Beat The Fidget Cube?

Ultimate Fidget Gadget?!?

If you get bored with 6 sides of your Fidget Cube, why don’t you try something like this instead. What is this you ask? Non other than Holy Crystal Decompression Magic Cube! That’s a mouthful and a handful as well, and it is the latest entry into the world of stress relieving toys. To make sure you don’t get lost there is an instruction manual as well! Great stuff, let’s see how this works:

Holy Crystal Decompression Magic Cube

Do you really need this user manual? Actually they had to come up with some pretty weird stuff to fit onto it’s 12 walls, yes it doubles the fun of a fidget cube. The reverse of the manual word by word says: ” I have 12 surfaces each side has the function of adjust emotion that ensure to adjust your negative mood”. Obviously Google translate has still a long way to go. The translations inside are also brilliant and by themselves will put you in a very good mood from the start. Do yourself a favour and read the whole manual from the above video word by word – you’ll love it! [read more=Read.More less=Read.Less]

12 Sides of Fidgety Joy

This curiosity is a bit bigger than standard fidget cube and although it has 12 sides it is still called a cube!? There  are some features taken from the original cube like the rocker switch, worry stone groove, joystick. The new and most intriguing features are created of silicon and sticking out. Three emoji nipples called minions (‘Is little face very cute, It won’t be angry no matter how to pinch’), one big soft button, silicone surface, a handy silicone strap eyelet, sliding blocks, rotating wheels.

There are also game controller buttons, rotating disk and a few other curious bits. All in all it actually does look like a next generation game controller for every existing gaming platform and some that might be coming in the feature. As such it would do the great job, but for now just keep it in your pocket, if you can fit it in there. [/read]