Awesome Batman Batarang Fidget Spinners

Batman Batarang Fidget Spinner

Batarang is an iconic gadget of the ultimate comic series hero Batman. Now you can get it as a Batarang Fidget Spinner.  And it seems to be a little bit different from any other spinner like these 7 Batman Fidget Spinners.

Considering it is a black painted piece of fabricated metal or plastic in some case, it looks pretty cool. It may not fit all hands as typical option is over 6 inch long. It does great job of looking like miniature of the real thing, but the design may limit the use. On the looks side of things it scores high, those elongated stretched bat wings end with thin blades. [read more=Read.More less=Read.Less]

There are four to eight small holes next to the center seem to be designed for other accessories, so in all it looks very practical.

It is asymetrical and  predictably it will wobble when used as a normal spinner. It has a trick up its sleeve – the design of the bearing makes it stand out. This bearing has a hole in the middle large enough to put the finger through and spin it around the finger. Size of the hole also allows it to be easily attached to a small carabiner. It is long so may be tricky to keep it in your pockets. [/read]