Avengers Superhero Fidget Spinner Collection

Marvel at Superhero Fidget Spinners

They say it’s 2019 and fidget spinners fad is over. They’re right but we still got our fidget spinners and surprisingly there are new ones coming out every now and then. Some of them follow themes like Marvel superhero line. For every superhero there is a different fidget spinner.

One of the first ones to show up was the Batman fidget spinner. There were different versions of them. Some with two arms looking like a bat with spinning wings, other looked like batarang – Batman’s favorite tool.

Spiderman is another popular resembling spiderman’s costume red and blue with distingtive net pattern and a spider logo. Incredible Hulk will be another one, all green as Hulk and showing a bit of an angry face.

Captain America will obviously have american flag colours red/blue/ white like his shield and costume, plus a distinctive star. There are all round fidget spinners looking like Captain America’s shield, without the arms, just a spinning circle.

Avengers Fidget Spinners

For every Avenger Superhero there is a fidget spinner and that includes Iron Man with his distinctive robotic suit in red and gold. Chose your favorite one or just collect them all!