Amazing Collector’s Fidget Spinners

Awesome and Unique Collector’s Fidget Spinners

As the fidget spinning hobby becomes popular, some companies and manufacturers bring their own unique spinners to the marketplace. There are some amazing choices now, depending on how much money you have to spend. You can chose to customize fidget spinner or simply buy something that is already customized. Look at these – some you have never seen before:

Metal hand spinner designs are very popular. Metal is relatively easy to molud or shape and is durable so it can be used and abused for longer. The other advantage of metal is the weight, which is needed to keep the momentum of the spin. One of the designs in this video can spin over 15 minutes, brilliant! Normally, with a regular plastic spinner a 5 minute time is a top of the scale. [read more=Read.More less=Read.Less]

As you will notice most of these fidget spinners are quite compact and will easily fit in the hand and a pocket. Still, eve though the size is small, the metal design will make them very functional and fun to play with. There are many different ways to make a spinner, but all of the above have special cover caps for bearings. This is not just for aesthetics but also keeps away the dust and allows for better grip while spinning or performing fidget spinner tricks.


So now you have seen some of the very rare and hard to find spinners. And the best one was saved for last  – the amazing Gothic themed ring spinner from Steel Flame called Lion Crusader Ring Spin. A proper thing of beauty with super high craftsmanship. It is designed with large bearing in the middle, so if you remove the bearing cover caps you can spin it around your finger. The level of detail on this spinner if just INCREDIBLE!!! [/read]