Absolutely Bonkers MITO M55 Fidget Spinner

Incredibly Designed MITO M55 Fidget Spinner

This must be high on top of best ever designed fidget spinners. It looks absolutely incredible! Hopefully it will get into production although as of the time of this writing the price is not known. Supposedly there are 999 pieces planned for the release, so we expect the price to be high in three digits. All images courtesy of MITO Design.

From the first look this is an incredible piece of work. Composed out of at least ten elements crafted out of various alloys and metals like, aluminium, copper and titanium  all space age materials used in aerospace industry today. All elements are crafted in a way that they interlock like a puzzle and not just something that’s glued together. It looks like a Star Wars movie prop or something from a futuristic computer game.

MITO Design M55 Fidget Spinner

It is supposed to be fitted with GRW high precision bearing resistant to environmental impact, to ensure smooth spinning. Overall size is 55mm, just above 2 inches and 19 mm thick which is close to an inch. It will be stored in a transparent round acrylic case which also serves as a display. MITO Design logos are inscripted on the locking caps as well as protruding from the side of the wheel itself. Logo cleverly matches the overall feel of the piece and it does not look as letters at first sight.