7 Types of Batman Fidget Spinner Designs

Batman Fidget Spinners

Batman is that cool, leather dressing dude with a funny balaclava featuring pointy ears. He would surely know how to use a Batman Fidget Spinner. Interestingly one of the first non standard hand spinner shapes  was the Batman’s logo emblem, that nice bat shaped shadow used on a searchlight by Gotham city. It is an iconic image, no wonder then that many people want to own a piece of Batman’s heritage. So why not a Batman Fidget Spinner?

Batman Fidget Spinner

Here’s a simplest basic design, easy to fit in a hand, spin and keep in your pocket. Remember it has to have ears and tail, other wise it’s just a boomerang. You can find versions with slight differences. Obviously other colors are available but as LEGO Batman said: ‘I only work in black and sometimes very, very grey.’

Batman Fidget Spinners

And here’s some mixed colors available, you can even get the flowers edition (really?), might be popular with the girls, you never know.

Batman Camouflage Fidget Spinners

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