$20 vs $1 Fidget Spinner Compared

Fidget Spinners Comparison

Watch this comparison between $20 vs $1 Fidget Spinner. It is not always obvious from the design which one is better, until you actually get it in your hand.

Is it worth investing in an expensive finger spinner fidget? If you look at this video then the answer is kinda obvious. It does not mean however that you have been cheated in any way. Some materials used for spinner fidgets can be expensive and often quality is worth paying more for. The only comparison in this video is regarding the length of the spin. But this is not the only important thing in the spinner. [read more=Read.More less=Read.Less]

Other factors include the quality of the bearing, silence of spin, smoothness, durability of the casing material. The bearings are the most expensive elements of a low budge fidget spinner. In case of the best fidget spinners there are other elements that can be more pricey, like exotic materials. Quality metal spinners will naturally be more expensive.

If you want to perform finger fidget tricks you might consider different designs altogether.  Thicker spinners might give you a better feel and keep the balance better and for longer. Some say all that matters is the bearing, but that’s not always the case. Of course it is important but more important is how the fidget interacts with you.

Best Spinner Fidgets Compared

Go for the ones with good bearings, like ceramic ones, look at the pictures of the casing, rough edges might hurt your hand. Secret to good fun with spinner fidgets is the balance, if the bearing is not in the right place, it;s going to be an issue that will affect performance.

The weight of a fidget spinner is important also for the fact that your hand will get tired quickly with a heavier spinner. Seems strange to suggest that for something this light, but you must consider the gyro effect generated by the spinning mass which will be obvious when you try to turn it over or twist it while it spins. [/read]