Ridiculous 100 Hex Nut Fidget Spinner

100 Hex Nut Fidget Spinner Challenge

This is just insane, some of the ideas people come up with. Is this something you would like to play with? Not really? But why not just make it for fun or for the sake of it. You can challenge yourself and build something more ridiculous than this! Watch this:

DIY 100 Hex Nut Hand Spinner

It only takes one crazy idea and a man with the plan. And some super glue as well. This one is kind of heavy duty fidget spinner, not something you would like to keep in your pocket. But surely this is something very impressive due to its size and complexity. It will probably not last long while trying to perform fidget spinner tricks with it, but still worth giving it a try. For something in this size you need to come up with new types of tricks though.