Is JAMMER Your Next Fidget Toy???

JAMMER Best New Fidget Toy?

In the world of fidget toys there is no boundaries to inventions or designs. As they become more popular by the day, many companies try to reinvent old designs or come up with something totally new like this JAMMER fidget toy. It is also known as rolling stick or kururin. But is this a real competition to the fidget spinner ? Look at this video to find out:

Wooden Jammer Spinner Toy

Could this really be so simple? Yes it is a rolling piece of wood or plastic with curved design which allows it to stand up after toppling over. This smooth edges allow you to perform variety of skillful tricks and make you focus on the toy to catch it in the specific position. The more force you apply the more roll-overs Jammer will make. There are no mechanical parts like for example fidget spinner bearings. It is a simple one piece toy with some sticky gripping silicon added at both ends.